Our Location


We are located in Port San Julián 190, conveniently near to the commercial center of El Calafate, which makes our hotel the perfect place for our guests to visit the traditional stores of art crafted products, restaurants, chocolate shops and endless options.

El Calafate

Is a city located at the limit between the “santacruceña” plateau and the Andean mountains. It is the main entrance to the Perito Moreno Glacier, the famous iceberg that belongs to Los Glaciares National Park (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), is extended through the southern arm of Lago Argentino where its impressive front side rises by as much as 60 meters and reaches 5 km (3,10 miles) of length. Northern, you could encounter the mountain “Fitz Roy”, especially impressive, which is known to be a real challenge for climbers, considering its 3375 meters high. The forest in this zone is known as the Subantártico and it’s where national trees like the “Lengas”, “Guindos” and many bushes such as “el notro” and “el calafate“ are known to be local emblems. Between the significant amount of fauna, the Huemul (a native deer) and Darwin’s rhea, which runs on the plains with its own group, are two of the most characteristics animals of the Patagonian plateau