A dream, an adventure...

and the inmensity of The Andes in front of our eyes. Thousands of pictures, flavors and impressions to enjoy and remember. We encourage you to embrace a different world, learn from a unique insight into the history of this beautiful region and approach the traditional culture and customs. You will find in our hotel, a homely atmosphere surrounded by a magnificent landscape of natural woodland, colored by vivid shades of fall foliage which combines a “patagonic” style with comfort and natural elements from El Calafate.


Enjoy the South of Argentina


El Calafate is located in the southern border of Lago Argentino, in the southwest region of the Argentinian province, Santa Cruz. After the awe-inspiring presence of The Perito Moreno Glacier, the city has acquired a significant recognition globally which makes it a crucial stop for tourists all over the worlde world The proximity to the commercial center of El Calafate, makes our hotel the ideal place to easily access the traditional stores of hand crafted products, the local market, incredible chocolate shops, restaurants and endless options.